The beginning – God’s Call

Kevin Lehto lived on a self-sustaining farm for 10 years, learning how to grow organically, care for animals, and live a simple life. God was preparing him for this mission long before he event met his wife, Cheri Christenson. Cheri learned at a young age how to garden and preserve the harvest for colder months. After their marriage in 2015, Christ was ready to work and he put a passion in Kevin’s heart to grow food for those in need. As they surrendered themselves to the will of God, and listened to his guidance, that guidance led them to Missouri.
God’s call also came to Randy and Cindy Prindle, who owned 20 acres in Missouri. Christ was asking them to share their land with this mission of growing food for the needy, and so they answered God’s call by donating their land to this mission. So, Beacon Farm found its home at 3252 Sw Warnicks Rd., St. Joseph, MO in June of 2017, a Non-Profit mission to share Christ’s love while giving organically grown veggies to those in need in the St. Joseph area. Giving to soup kitchens, food pantries, low income families, and homeless outreach programs.

Kevin and Cheri

Randy and Cindy